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Please note that this program is a geophysical data processing package and is not connected with the public domain GIS package distributed by FAO. For that package you should go to

Full Install Version 5.06 (4th March, 2014)

This install set is for the latest version of WinDisp. Download this file to an empty install directory (eg C:\Installs\WinDisp), double click the WinDisp_5)05_install.exe, enter the required password and the program will be installed on your system.

   Full WinDisp Install (10,565KB)

Latest Version 5.06.255 (29th September, 2014)

Note that 3d models generated with this version are not backward compatible with previous version and require the new 3DViewer in order to open and display.

   WinDisp Update Install (7,859KB)

Documentation Files

   WinDisp workshop notes  (8,175KB)

   WinDisp IP workshop notes  (4,178KB)

   WinDisp IP workshop data  (1,545KB)

   WinDisp mag3d Inversion workshop  (1,485KB)

   WinDisp mag3d Inversion data  (18.3MB)

General notes on UBC inversions  (48KB)

Mag and Gravity inversion process  (6,129KB)

Mag and Gravity inversion process datasets  (67,343KB)

   Using the SEG-Y Utility  (729KB)

   Seismic Colour Table  (1KB)

Utility Files

The following files contain utility programs called by the IP and mag3d inversion batch files created by WinDisp. The utilities should be extracted from the self-extracting archive files and placed in a directory which is included in the PATH environment variable on your computer. (To find out what directories are included in your PATH, start an MSDOS command prompt, type in PATH and hit Enter).

   IP Inversion Utilities (2,667KB, revised 17/10/2011)

   EMflowtoGrd (230KB, revised 23/8/2005)

   MAG/GRAV Inversion Utilities (2,363KB, revised 23/3/2011)

   em1dfm Inversion Utilities (1,181KB, revised 4/5/2004)

   Line split utility (175KB, 28/4/2005)

   Grid to BMP conversion utility (245KB, 7/7/2004)

   ggCalc utility 2.0.27 (5,211KB, 19/2/2014)

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